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  • IELTS Fluency Introduction - Is fluency related to just speaking?

    Is fluency related to just speaking - IELTS Coaching in Rohini | Delhi
    Mon, Jun 17, 2019

    IELTS Fluency Introduction - Is fluency related to just speaking?

     ‘He has very fluent English’ very often we connect this sentence to just speaking skill and that is why this question arises ‘is fluency related to just speaking?’. In this blog we will explore the concepts related to fluency for IELTS and its various aspects. We will also discuss how an IELTS aspirant can enhance his / her fluency in English language and how the fluency in language is connected with the proficiency in language. We will also discuss how we, being the best IELTS coaching centre in Delhi, have helped thousands of students gain fluency in language.

    Fluency is such a topic that it cannot be covered in a single blog. This is the introduction blog on the topic and we will throw some light on the basic aspects of fluency. This first thing to understand about fluency is that fluency refers to smoothness or effortlessness. It symbolizes confidence, ease, and eloquence. When we discuss this with the IELTS aspirants that what do they understand by fluency, we get a common reply speed. Let’s explore how we inculcate the concept of fluency in IELTS coaching in Delhi.

    Generally, students relate the speaking fluency with speaking speed. If someone is speaking with good speed that means she or he is fluent speaker. But let’s understand one basic concept that speed is the outcome and not the process. Someone has gained fluency, i.e. effortlessness, then he is able to attain speed. So, what come first is the effortlessness. Smoothness in speaking may be to overcome hesitation to speak; to develop confidence by ensuring that the second person is able to understand what I want to convey by overcoming all sorts of accent related barriers; to develop clarity of thoughts and speech; etc.

    A similar smoothness, i.e., fluency can also be developed in other areas of language for IELTS – reading, writing and listening. Fluency of reading would mean smooth reading which can be developed by the developing some reading skills; by developing a stronger vocabulary; and by understanding the contextual meaning of the difficult (or to say unfamiliar) words. We help the IELTS aspirants in developing a strong vocabulary and train them to make the contextual meaning of the unfamiliar difficult words. This makes us one of the best IELTS coaching in Delhi.

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