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  • What is congenial test environment for IELTS aspirants

    test environment for IELTS aspirants - Cambridge IELTS Coaching Centre | Delhi
    Fri, Jun 14, 2019

    What is congenial test environment for IELTS aspirants

    We have mentioned in one of our previous blogs that Time Management is a key skill for IELTS aspirants and that it is of utmost importance of timing while practicing or taking a mock test. To attain a high band score in IELTS, practicing mock tests by timing yourself (i.e. keeping close control on time and completing the paper within time) is very important for any IELTS candidate. Remember that whenever you attempt a timed practice, whether a mock test or a routine practice test, the environment must be congenial for the test. We offer a very congenial test taking environment to the IELTS aspirants along with the best IELTS Coaching in Rohini.

    What do we mean with the term the congenial test environment? It means that the test-taking environment should be tested/ exam friendly and if possible, it matches the real environment as far as possible. What has required simulation of the actual IELTS testing environment? Students prefer taking the test in a lonely and quiet study room. But such a room may not fulfill the purpose. A quiet and lonely room shall not be as useful as a room which is quiet and yet full of students. It is so because such an environment would be very similar to the real test condition.IELTS aspirants can take benefit of the classrooms of our IELTS Coaching Centre in Rohini, Delhi. They enjoy test taking in a stimulating environment.

    Practicing in a lonely place may result in nervousness for the candidates. How? When you practice in a lonely place you can easily concentrate because there are no distractions in terms of other people, a set of preference, etc. You also need to develop concentration skills. This is not possible in a lonely and quiet room.

    Also, there is another challenge that must be taken care of. There should be no scope for other types of disturbances or distractions – phone calls, messaging, etc. it could be the case of a frequent WhatsApp notification and you may tend to reply to the messages. Even if it’s done once in a while and it has taken less than a minute to respond but it has consumed larger mindshare. 

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